Risk Management

At Bluesource Energy, our goal is to customize solutions based on customer's financial requirements, risk tolerence and operational flexibility.

With extensive relationship with the largest players and access to liquid financial and futures market we can provide large company risk management with the small company service.


Some of the structured products include:

  • Monetizing swing rights
  • Knock in/ knock out caps and floors
  • Gain sharing caps
  • Heat rate collars
  • Tolling risk management


Earnings Risk Management

We advice medium to large businesses with significant commodities exposure on managing the volatility of earnings as a result of market volatilty. We help businesses align there stated earnings growth goals with hedging plan to ensure there are no unwanted surprises.

Structured Products

We help create and execute customized risk products to specifically address the risk on a client's balancesheet. Whether it is the risk associated with the portfolio of assets or long term contracts on the books, we help identify, create and execute the products to meet those needs.

Examples include monetization operational optionality in the portfoliom managing long term supply contract, mitigating margining requirements in the bilateral contracts,

Hedging Strategy

We help develop hedging strategy for the company based on the risks on the balance sheet.

We identifyand value optionality embeded in the asset portfolio and help develop a plan to monitize the optionality - example include natural gas swing rights in storage and park and loan agreements, monetizing electrical plant cycling etc.

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